Finding a Calm Birth Class in Southern Oregon

Calm Birth is empowering women throughout Southern Oregon with the Meditation and the wisdom of modern parents.

Is Calm Birth for you? What are you looking for from this pregnancy? What wisdom and ideas have you been given from your friends and family about birth? One piece of knowledge that was told to me was to experience a natural birth. From this was very curious about how to achieve such an amazing experience. I dove deep into books and birthing plans!

While researching I came across Calm Birth. Here is where I was blown away by how much of our labor we can control through breathing and mediation. The ancient wisdom was passed down from women to women on how to control our minds and bodies through mediation and breath.

What is Calm Birth? Is it right for you?

Calm Birth is a practice of healing the nervous system, therefore preparing for childbirth. It uses head-to-toe progressive release to increase energy, function, and awareness. This application of progressive relaxation also focuses on the baby’s growing body. Gaining this awareness of your growth creates a deep and lasting bond. 

Progressively releasing muscular stresses improves your mind and body function. A calm mind has an increased potential for coping with intense sensations and for relaxation between contractions. 

The method is based on Progressive Relaxation techniques developed by Edmund Jacobson, M.D., at the Harvard Medical School and the University of Chicago Medical School in the 1920s and 1930s. A wide range of medical issues was successfully treated by healing corresponding problems in the nervous system. Beginning in 1979 the Calm Birth method was then further developed in the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s medicine/meditation program.

In the present use for childbirth, refined through nearly 20 years of application, the practice slowly brings attention to the whole body, releasing muscle system tension that restricts nervous system function, offering prenatal bonding and potential for optimal fetal development.

Classes are not just for moms

These practices are for all genders. Doulas and Midwives. You can start these classes at any stage in your life, not just pregnancy. If you are on a birth support team there are classes for you. Labor and delivery nurses, midwives, doctors, doulas, and childbirth educators – but will train anyone they believe could be a good teacher of childbirth meditation or who wants to learn meditation for the sake of their health and life.

Your Southern Oregon Team

Jackson County/Rogue Valley

Sandra Bardsley

Tracy Hanson
Doula, Lactation Educator

I highly recommend looking into a Calm Birth for your next journey in life! Experiencing birth and your body during this time is a miracle within itself. The bond and knowledge you will gain from listening within will make you wise beyond this lift time.

If you are still working on a birthing plan and want more info check out my blog here. For prenatal yoga classes follow this link.

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