5 Reasons to Check out Ashland Yoga Center During Your Pregnancy!

Ashland Yoga Center and how it benefits your pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, your body produces hormones to prep you for birth. Things are loosening and becoming uncomfortable. One of the best ways to keep in tune with your body is Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal yoga will this prep you for a comfortable next 40 weeks. You will also be able to mentally guide yourself for natural or more effortless labor.

Ashland Yoga Center offers many types of yoga. Buti cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning are woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Yin is a slow, meditative, and profoundly opening practice, with emphasis on the breath. Resulting in more flexibility, greater health (flushing the meridians), and softening of contracted muscles. Focusing on Prenatal Yoga is an essential tool. It will help prepare you for the physical and emotional changes in pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood.

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga at Ashland Yoga Center?

During your classes with Ashland Yoga Center, you will be working on your endurance. Reading your body for this beautiful marathon. Strengthening your core and mind to stay on top of your discomforts. Birthing positions are extremely helpful during labor. Just knowing when and how to change your positions during labor can be a tremendous pain reliever.

Whether your birth plan is for a natural birth or medically assisted birth. Being prepared mentally and physically will put you in control of your labor.

Learning breathing technics is one of the most important parts of controlling your labor. Just being aware of your breath can ease your labor tenfold.

Ashland Yoga Center will help you gain trust and confidence in your body. Listening to what your body is telling you during your pregnancy results in the best upper hand. Prenatal yoga is such a powerful tool. Something all mothers should take advantage of.

Preparing you for natural labor

Prenatal yoga is such a great tool to prep for natural labor. Most women today want to have a nonmedical birth. You can do this at the hospital or home. Experiencing this journey to its fullest is such a gift. Prenatal yoga classes at Ashland Yoga Center will give you all the tools to prep you for this journey.

Supports Your Changing Body

As your body is growing it’s going with many changes. These changes can be uncomfortable and even cause pain. Supporting these changes with prenatal yoga will ease your discomfort and pains. Strengthening your lower muscles to make room for your growing baby.

Helping you with sleep

With the classes at Ashland Yoga Center, you will learn stretch positions to help with sleeping. One of the most common complaints mothers have is sleep. You are either not sleeping or sleeping all day! Finding the right positions for comfort will get you back to a good night’s sleep.

Tones Important Muscle Groups

Prenatal yoga tones the physical body, especially the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal core muscles. This will help in preparation for the birthing process. Some of these muscle groups are rarely used until we are pregnant. You will be thankful for all this prep once you are in transition during your labor.

Make Friends With Like-Minded Mamas at Ashland Yoga Center

This might just be the best part of a prenatal yoga class with Ashland Yoga Center. Many lifts long friends are made with such classes during your pregnancy. Another great class to take is a Prenatal swim class. To Find out more follow this link.

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