Birth plans for modern mothers in Medford Oregon.

Southern Oregon In home photogra
Southern Oregon In home photogra

Create a birth plan to share with your local Southern Oregon Medwife or Doula

Every birth is so unique. Every mother’s body is so different, yet just perfect for growing their tiny baby.

As mothers in southern Oregon, it is our decision on the outcome of our pregnancy and your birth. You may decide to have a home with a midwife and doula. You may be more comfortable in the hospital but still want a natural birth. One of the number one things you can do is to have a solid birth plan. This is for you and your partner. Decisions you are both comfortable with. Your midwife, doula, and/or doctors will be there to advocate this plan for you. Having a doula can be your voice while you focus on yourself and your baby during labor.

Southern Oregon In home photogra

What is a birth plan

It’s just that, a plan. From start to finish to after your baby is home. Some plans may include delayed cord clamping, no bathing of baby, no shots or medicines for baby such as anything for the eyes or a Heb B shot. Some moms don’t want any intervention with delivery and want a completely natural birth, Skin to skin right when baby is born, your baby is to latch and nurse right away, your baby is not to leave the room unless necessary. Whether you are having a home birth or in the local hospital you can request to keep your placenta for capsulation to help with post hormonal regulation and milk production.

These are just a few of the requests that a mother might have within her birth plan. Some of them might need to be changed as things during delivery might change. Maybe you wanted a water birth but your little one decided to arrive before your tub was filled! Whatever plan fits you and your family it’s up to you. You are in control of this pregnancy and you will be supported by the team around you!

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When you are in control of your pregnancy and birth you are on a path to a healthy mom and baby. This will give you the power and the control to know what is best for you and your newborn. Having this awareness will help you be on top of what is next. What needs to be done and when. Also having a doula will help you stay on top of your labor when you are focusing on delivering your baby. Birthing a baby is a beautiful and natural thing, nothing to put fear into. Be in control of this fear and use your strength to guide yourself with your instincts on what you want and the outcome of your birthing experience.

Southern Oregon In home photogra
Southern Oregon In home photogra

For your birth plan talk with your team and find out what fits you best! I strongly recommend looking into getting a local southern Oregon doula to help be your guide and voice. You are on a perfect path to a healthy birth and baby AND MOMMY! There is nothing sweeter than your birthing story and I can’t wait to hear how your journey into motherhood has gone!

Southern Oregon In home photogra
Southern Oregon In home photogra
Southern Oregon In home photogra

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