When to Take Maternity Photos

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re planning and preparing to welcome your little one into the world and sharing the joy of your news with family and friends. Having maternity photos taken may seem like just another thing to add to your growing to-do list, but a portrait session can serve as a reminder of howContinue reading “When to Take Maternity Photos”


Hi There! This is a detailed guide to a sucessful session. Congratulations to you!The first few days and weeks of a baby’s life are so magical and fleeting! Some of life’s fleeting moments are those of these first few weeks of your new baby!Being able to freeze those moments for you is such an honorContinue reading “WHAT TO EXPECT DURING YOUR NEWBORN SESSION”

5 Tips for Including Older Siblings in a Newborn Session

Make time for breaks. Your newborn won’t be the only one who needs breaks. Have some snacks handy for older siblings, and give them a chance to step away from the camera and just play for a little while. Sometimes it’s best to do photos with the older sibling first, so they don’t get boredContinue reading “5 Tips for Including Older Siblings in a Newborn Session”