Finding the Balance with Earthside Midwifery.

Earthside Midwifery will help you to find the balance in your birthing plan.

Earthside provides prenatal, birth, and postpartum care that focuses on a holistic, natural approach. Throughout your pregnancy, Earthside Midwifery will assess your emotional and physical wellbeing to ensure you’re feeling prepared. Furthermore, valuable education, emotional support, and careful guidance are at the forefront of the practice. You and your soon-to-be little one are the utmost priority.

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Meet the Midwife Jackie Walker •LDM, CPM, IBCLC

Jackie is not only a wonderful kind and gentle midwife but, she is also a location specialist. Therefore she can help guide you in every stage of your journey. Jackie is a mother of 4 beautiful children she has raised with her amazing husband of 16 years. She has attended over 300+ births for over a decade. Has supported hundreds of mothers, families, and their little ones. This is a true blessing to us mothers in the Rogue Valley. Find out more about Jackie’s credentials here.

Team support at Earthside Midwifery

Jackie is thankful to have her Apprentice Midwife Tiffany Van Maren, working by her side.  Tiffany began as a doula in 2004 and 2012 began attending homebirths on the coast. First learning as an assistant and then as an apprentice with an amazing local midwife. She is thankful for the time she has had serving women and families, it has truly changed her life. With the support of her amazing family and community, Tiffany began her formal education as a CPM student through Mercy in Action College of Midwifery this summer 2021. 

Holistic Midwifery Care Sercices That Meet Your Needs

The midwives at Earthside offer Nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, informed consent, skin-to-skin newborn care, and delayed cord clamping are all standards in the practices. Their goal is to honor the intimate primitive nature of birth and the ancient art of midwifery while bridging together evidence-based care. As a modern midwife, Jackie is highly skilled in ensuring the safest passage for mom and baby.

The Midwives are with you every step of the way for every moment. From the moment you find out you are expecting to 6 weeks after the baby for in-home visits.

Location support with Jackie

Jackie is such a blessing. Having her with you throughout your pregnancy will help you find comfort and calm when with her. Being a professional location specialist helps with the awkwardness some mothers may have when it comes to nursing. Having already built a beautiful relationship throughout your pregnancy will help ease into breastfeeding.

We have so many wonderful midwives in the Southern Oregon Area. To look into other midwives in our area read this!

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