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Getting away from pharmaceutical healthcare and entering a more natural, homeopathic healthcare system is becoming the newest norm. Luckily, finding a homeopathic healthcare provider you click with and trust isn’t too difficult when you have a great place like Ashland Natural Medicine

About Ashland Natural Medicine

The founder of Ashland Natural medicine is Dr. Chris Chlebowski, a naturopath, chiropractor, clinical herbalist, and homeopath. Dr. Chlebowski uses cutting-edge technologies blended with traditional therapies. He is also a published author and often lectures and writes articles on homeopathic healthcare and the root causes of illnesses. The second doctor is Dr. Ajana Miki, a naturopathic physician, and acupuncturist. With over 20 years of worldly experience, her primary focus is women’s healthcare. Dr. Lisa Hendrick is the third doctor dedicated to helping patients of all ages overcome any illness and ailments they may face. 

Ashland Natural Medicine is located at 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103, Ashland, OR. One of their core beliefs is that each person is unique, therefore requiring a unique approach to attaining wellness. From the way they analyze each person’s health story to the calm, warm, and inviting environment they provide, Ashland Natural Medicine is not your typical doctor’s office. Their number one belief is our body needs time to heal. Using time, they slowly guide the body towards doing its own detoxifying, reorganizing, and rebuilding, all guided by their three experienced healthcare professionals. 

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Ashland Natural Medicine offers many different treatments and techniques for various illnesses and ailments. Specific treatment plans can be modified or customized to your needs. They treat a few conditions: cancer, autoimmune disease, mold illness, vaccine injury, cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalance, metal toxicity, and Lyme and chronic infections. 

Furthermore, techniques and treatments can include acupuncture, BEMER vascular therapy, chelation therapy, iv therapy, energy therapy, and more. 

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Ashland Natural Medicine is proud to offer women’s healthcare, pediatric care, and network chiropractic care. Women’s health care may include yearly physical exams with a focus on the uniqueness of the female body. It may also involve assessing and optimizing hormones to support women in all hormone-related stages of life. The practice takes advantage of treatments using herbs, homeopathy, nutritional supplements and, when appropriate, bio-identical hormones. These all lead to a healthy, happy body, mind, and spirit.

In addition, pediatric care includes successfully treating all the common and not-so-common childhood complaints. This includes wellness care, common colds, allergies, behavioral issues, vaccine injury, seizure disorders, and Lyme disease. 

Network chiropractic is a physical treatment that helps align the vertebrae and muscles. Network chiropractic helps the body release long-standing tension patterns by using precise and gentle holds around the spine. Many patients expressed that this chiropractic style is well tolerated and preferred over the traditional, more-forceful chiropractic techniques. 

Ashland Natural Medicine

If you’re looking for a natural healthcare practice full of dedicated providers, Ashland Natural Medicine is definitely the perfect place for you! 

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