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As a Medford newborn photographer and mother, first and foremost, I take pride in the ability to recommend some of the best places to visit when it comes to your health and wellness. After a long week, you will probably want to have a therapeutic office to visit where you can relax and give your body the opportunity it needs to decompress and heal. Luckily, Meridian Wellness Center is right in your backyard! 

About Meridian Wellness Center

Meridian Wellness Center provides patients with a healing environment that is aesthetically pleasing and therapeutically pleasing. Each practitioner uses a variety of modalities to fit every client’s needs. 

Meridian Wellness Center believes it is vital to make self-care a priority in today’s high-stress, high-toxicity environment. Owners Caitlin Rose Fears and Chenoah Hartzell-Brezina function on the notion that self-care is a form of healthcare. Because of this, all 8 team members at this office take great care of your health and wellbeing.  

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When choosing which services you may need, you have the option to pick between a lot of different options. The practitioners at this office are certified and experienced in many different techniques, so you will be guaranteed to get the best care possible based on your own particular needs. Here, you can choose from the following: 

  • Structural Integration Massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Cupping therapy

In addition to the more basic services, Meridian Wellness Center offers specialty services. CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system. They strive to improve the function of the central nervous system. Their Infrared Sauna allows heat to penetrate deeply into joints, muscles, and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. They also offer Holistic Facials, which include steam therapy, hot compress, massage, facial cupping, and Gua Sha. 

Finally, Meridian Wellness Center is known for their Astrology readings! Caitlin, one of the owners, facilitates a deeper knowledge of the self, brings the unconscious to light, and empowers you through the gift of self-understanding. She books in-person and Zoom appointments.

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The Stardust and Starlight Suites

In addition to all of the excellent services this location offers, you can also take advantage of the Stardust and Starlight Suites. These suites were designed for staying for longer visits, visiting medical facilities, visiting family, and more. They are located next to the Meridian Wellness Clinic and are owned by the owners of the clinic. 

Check out their Facebook group for discounts, specials, and other general information here! Meridian Wellness Center is located at 18 Myrtle Street. Medford, OR 97504 and is open by appointment only. 

Meridian Wellness Center

When it comes to your health, self-care should always be considered as a part of your plan and weekly upkeep. Check out Meridian Wellness Center for all of your self-care wants and needs!

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