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Finding a primary care provider you can trust with your or your family’s health can be a daunting task, especially when you want to invest in your health. Here’s a great practice, Siskiyou Vital Medicine, that offers dedication and welcomes all!

About Siskiyou Vital Medicine

Located at 940 Ellendale Drive, Medford, OR, Siskiyou Vital Medicine is a membership-based direct primary care practice. The practice focuses on your body’s entire health guided by the principles of vitalism, or the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Listening to your health goals, they help empower your health journey through exceptional, personalized care that combines conventional and integrative medicine. Their medical team of professionals and staff dedicate themselves to your comprehensive health care and exceptional experience. Accordingly, their goal is to provide you and your family high quality, effective Naturopathic Healthcare at affordable rates. 

They’ve created a direct primary care membership model that empowers you to take control of your health. Their model is patient-centered, low force, affordable, productive, preventative in nature, and affords ample time to spend with each client for a deep healing relationship to be formed. Additionally, their providers can coordinate ongoing comprehensive complementary and/or adjunctive care with a provider of your choice outside of Siskiyou Vital Medicine. Regardless of the role you want them to play in managing your healthcare, you gain access to a team of expertly trained, fully licensed providers. 

They will always serve as passionate advocates for you within the medical community. Siskiyou Vital Medicine’s values encompass principles and fundamentals that guide day-to-day interactions with patients, members, and partners. They keep them grounded in service and humility. Moreover, their core values are family, love, integrity, commitment, consistency, empowerment, transparency, and personalization. 

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Siskiyou Vital Medicine offers many services within the four pillars of its care approach. These pillars are the whole body approach, integrated care, individualized care, and natural and pharmaceutical remedies/treatments. Furthermore, Siskiyou Vital Medicine offers these services: 

  • primary care
  • women’s healthcare 
  • men’s healthcare 
  • mind-body work 
  • hormone therapy
  • sports physicals 
  • medication management 
  • prenatal and postpartum care 
  • pediatric care
  • labs
  • weight and immune support

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Lastly, being membership-based means you’re essentially a part of a private health club! You receive benefits that you won’t get in a traditional medical setting. Although they don’t take insurance, they keep their rates fair. A registration fee and a required one-year membership are nonrefundable. Their memberships vary in price depending on age and are billed on a monthly basis. Additionally, they offer discounted rates for families! The more memberships in your family then the cheaper each one gets.

Siskiyou Vital Medicine

Open Monday through Thursday with after-hour appointments available upon request, Siskiyou Vital Medicine commits itself to provide the most excellent care and experience. Contact them by calling or visiting their website to start your health journey!

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