Including Older Siblings in Your Newborn Photo Session

Newborn photo session with siblings Medford Oregon

A newborn photo session is a perfect time for sibblibing bonding!

Your little family has added another member, and it’s so important to capture this moment in your life! One of the best things about a newborn photo session with your Medford Oregon photographer is it’s a great way to get new photos of the whole family, including any older siblings. But it can sometimes be a challenge for parents to encourage toddlers to cooperate with the photo session. That’s why we put together these five tips for including older siblings in your newborn photo session.

Give them time in the spotlight durning your photo session.

An older brother or sister of a newborn has often just become an older sibling. They are still getting used to the new baby. They may feel that their parents don’t pay as much attention to them with all the needs of their new sibling. Take time to make sure your older kids feel involved in the photo session, both in photos with your new baby and photos of the whole family together. Your newborn photo session is a great way to let older siblings know that it’s not just about your new addition, but about your growth as a family.

Newborn photo session with siblings Medford Oregon

Encourage them to snuggle up with baby.

Your older child may feel unsure or uncomfortable around the new baby, and a newborn photo session can be a great way to help them loosen up and get to know their new sibling. Some of my favorite photos are images of the older brother or sister holding, kissing, or snuggling the new baby. Encourage them to gently touch their baby and to get close, which can lead to a lot of giggles and smiles and some great photos.

Newborn photo session with siblings Medford Oregon

Let them do their own thing durning a newborn photo session.

One of the most important things is not to force your older child to participate in the newborn photo session. The last thing you want is a tantrum or a grumpy face in your photos! Instead, encourage them to participate without forcing them. Your older child will enjoy being involved on their own! Giving your older child space to explore and relax can result in more natural, genuine images of your family. I am an expert at getting little brothers and sisters excited about their photos. I will help guide them gently and safely into poses with your baby.

Make time for breaks durning your newborn photography session.

Your baby won’t be the only one who needs breaks. Have some snacks handy for older siblings, and give them a chance to step away from the camera and just play for a little while. Sometimes it’s best to do photos with the older sibling first. We don’t get bored or agitated as the session goes on. Regardless of how your photographer organizes the session, be sure to include regular breaks throughout. A newborn photo session can last up to 3 hours, as we photographers take our time to make sure we care to create beautiful no forced images.

Newborn photoshoot with siblings Southern Oregon

Talk to them beforehand about the upcoming Newborn photo session.

It’s so important to let your older children know what to expect from a newborn photo session. Whether they love to be in front of the camera or are a little bit shy, talking to them in the days before your photoshoot about how things will go can really ease their minds and make them more comfortable with the photographer. Sit down with your older child the week before your photo session. Talk to them about how you’re going to have photos were taken. Show them some of the photos from your photographer. Let them know this is going to be super exciting and it will be important to listen to both you and the photographer. With a little preparation, you may find that they’re excited to participate, which makes for wonderful photos!

Newborn photo session with siblings Medford Oregon

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