Kid to Kid In Medford, Have You Checked It Out?

What is Kid to Kid, Medford?

It is a store that is saving the earth one outfit, toy, and book at a time! You will find upcycled, refreshed, and repurposed children’s items. Baby and children’s clothing is getting more costly and the quality is diminishing rapidly. Selling and buying from Kid to Kid Medford is a great way to save money on lightly used, high-quality children’s items.

Earning cash for kids’ stuff is easy at Kid to Kid


Sort through your child’s closet, toy chest, and baby gear and pick out what to bring. We pay cash for current styles and we also buy toys and equipment that are clean and safe.


All Kid to Kid stores takes items with no appointment necessary. Check your local store for their buying hours. Most buys take 15-45 minutes to complete so you can shop and sell at the same time. Medford Location


After appraising your items, we make an offer on the spot. You can choose cash or 20% more in trade value. If you wait in the store while we buy your items, you can choose your payment and also whether you accept the offer. 

Holiday photo session with clothing found at Kid to Kid


What does Kid to Kid buy?

They buy first-rate second-hand items. They have high standards for condition and style because their customers are selective. When preparing items to sell, ask yourself, “Would my best friend want to buy this from me?” 


STYLISH: They look for stylish current children’s and maternity clothing that look like things currently selling in malls. They love to buy shoes, coats, and swimwear too. 

CLEAN: They will carefully screen items for snags, tears, broken zippers, and stains. They buy baby gear and toys that are clean, safe, and ready to resell.

SAFE: They’ve trained buyer’s screen products for recalls and inspect equipment to make sure items work well. Are your children’s toys still fun to play with? If so, they’d love to buy them! The best part is that they will pay instant cash!

What will pay?

Our offers are carefully balanced to pay you the most possible for your items while providing value to our customers.


You will be offered between 20% and 50% of their selling price in cash. You will be paid a higher percentage for high-demand brands like boutique clothes, toys, and equipment.  They pay less for infant clothes and mass-produced brands.


To maximize your payout — trade-in. You’ll earn an extra 20% over the cash payout.  Store credit is valid for three years and stays on your store account until you’re ready to spend it. With more than 40,000 items to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty of things you will love. 

Kid to Kid giving back!

Did you know that they helps to build schools?

They believe that the best way to eradicate poverty is to ensure that all people have access to quality education. In countries like Burkina Faso, the average child will attend school for a year and a half. More than half of people over the age of 15 are illiterate. They partner with BuildOn, who partners with community members who make a solemn promise by signing the buildOn Covenant to contribute volunteer hours to build their school. Each village provides land, local materials, and weeks of labor. Every village also promises to send girls and boys to school in equal numbers. Their sustainable approach ensures that schools are built with a community, not for a community—because the people they work with are true partners, not recipients of aid. Through fundraising efforts throughout the Kid to Kid Medford network, they have been able to raise an incredible: $622,059

Shopping Local for the Holidays!

Right now is the best time to get out and shop local! Kid to Kid Medford is just one of the many high-end children’s stores in the Southern Oregon area. They are also a wonderful store to find that perfect outfit for your upcoming session with ME, Katie Anne Photography.

Be sure to stay up to date with my blog posts. Interested in finding the best pediatricians in Southern Oregon? Check out my blog here.

Holiday photo session with clothing found at Kid to Kid


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